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Uber updates bug bounty program after breach

In the aftermath of revelations that Uber kept a 2016 breach hidden for a year and paid ransom to a hacker, the company has tweaked its bug bounty programme, which operates under Hacker One, to prevent further missteps.

Researchers identify extortion as motive behind memcached DDoS attacks

The adversaries who have been abusing exposed memcached servers to launch amplified distributed denial of service attacks have been including a ransom note amidst their flood of malicious packets, according to researchers.

GandCrab blends old and new threat resources as ransomware evolves

A ransomware threat called GandCrab emerged during the last week of January, which itself not that newsworthy. However, it's distribution method and ransom currency choice could be pointers to how 2018 ransomware will evolve.

Cyber-attack shuts down US Regional Hospital's online system

A cyber-attack that left computer screens at Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield, Indiana, USA, with a ransom message for bitcoin has caused the entire network at the hospital to go offline to stop damage to data of the patients.

File Spider ransomware hitting Balkan nations

A malspam campaign targeting several Balkan countries is distributing a new ransomware called File Spider that threatens to delete a victim's files if the ransom is not paid within 96 hours.

'UK is the most affected country' from hacking per capita in the world

Thousands of British businesses have paid ransoms to Russian hackers who are launching attacks every day and demanding £100,000 to release files.

Shipping company Clarksons refuses to pay ransom, data leak expected

UK shipping giant Clarksons has beenhit by hackers who were successful in stealing sensitive and confidential data which may soon be leaked due to Clarksons' refusal to pay the ransom demanded by the hackers.

Penalties for Uber's delayed breach notification would be huge under GDPR

If GDPR had been in effect during the latest Uber hack, the ride-sharing company would have faced stiffed consequences - or more promptly revealed the attack that compromised data of 57 million customers and drivers.

Uber hid massive hack compromising data of 57M for a year

For more than a year, even as it negotiated with regulators in the US over privacy infractions, Uber hid a massive hack that resulted in cyber-thieves pilfering the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers.

Cash Convertors hit by security breach

Pawnbroker chain Cash Converters is investigating a data security breach at its UK operations after receiving email threats of data release.

Your money or more strife? It never pays to negotiate with cyber-criminals

Paying cyber-criminals to unleash your data from their grip is, ultimately, a futile exercise which breeds opportunities for them to expand, and gain a further advantage over innocent and unsuspecting victims says Daren Oliver.

Royals, celebs, plastic surgery pix stolen. Dark Overlord demands ransom

The London Bridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic has confirmed in a posted statement that it had been hit with a cyber-attack and data was stolen. The clinic did not say exactly what types of information were compromised.

Sonic Drive latest hit by POS data breach - credentials on dark web

Sonic Drive-In is investigating a possible point-of-sale (POS) breach that has led to customer payment card information being sold on a dark web market and speculation POS systems could be subject to ransom.

HBO breach accomplished with hard work by hacker, poor security practices by victim

Cyber-security executives are speculating the HBO hack by "Mr. Smith" was the result of the intruder putting in a tremendous amount of effort to infiltrate the entertainment giant.

Druva says half of businesses hit by ransomware are attacked again

The security firm advises the "importance of planning", as "protecting data protects your bottom line".

WannaCry in the NHS: who takes responsibility?

In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware which took out over 60 NHS trusts, SC ponders on where the blame lays.

David Beckham's emails hacked and released after ransom refusal

International football star David Beckham has seen sensitive and embarrassing emails published after a company he works with, Doyen Global, rejected a hacker's ransom demand.

ICYMI: Hotel ransom; Router botnet; Gamer breach; Data loss; insiders

In Case You Missed It: Hotel ransomware report; Routers hijacked for botnet; X-Box, Playstation breach; Data centre vulnerability; insiders paid for secrets.

Following Bitcoin ransoms reveals billion dollar cyber-crime

F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen tells SCMagazineUK.com how the company is now tracking ransomware Bitcoin wallets to reveal the huge amounts of money the gangs are making.

Pornhub dismisses hacker's offer to sell access to servers as hoax

A hacker calling himself Revolver yesterday advertised on Twitter that he was selling access to Pornhub servers for $1,000 after discovering an exploit, but the pornography video sharing website is disputing the veracity of this hack.

ICYMI: Russian bank attack; UK CISO?; banks suspended; Crypto hack, hospital ransom

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Rusian bank attack thwarted; need for UK CISO?; banks hack themselves; Cypto key hack; US hospital ransomed.

Cyber-criminals say it with flowers for Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you don't pay ransom, there'll be no flowers for you - florists hit by cyber- criminals in run up to Valentine's day.

Australian SMBs must comprehend cyber-security as much as finance

Every day cyber-criminals are benefiting from Australian SMBs that are uneducated and unwilling to properly protect their data.

Lincolnshire county council resolves ransomware restlessness

Lincolnshire county council is back up and running after having been infected with ransomware last week.

Quarter of respondents would pay ransom to protect stolen data, survey says

In a global survey of more than 200 executives and IT managers, 24.6 percent of respondents indicated they would be willing to pay hackers a ransom to prevent them from leaking critically sensitive stolen data.

Letters: UAE bank hack a wake-up call

Letters to the editor: UAE bank hack and ransom a wake up call for companies to contain breaches once they occur.

Potential DD4BC copycat, The Armada Collective target email providers

A new cyber-syndicate has arrived on the scene targeting mainly email providers and using tactics which seem very familiar.

Best defence against extortion attempts is planning - Neustar

63 percent of Neustar's EMEA customers have received ransom note threats.