Ransomware rescue kit launched by former hacker

News by Ava Fedorov

A new toolkit developed by former hacker, Jada Cyrus, will help ransomware victims with removal tools and guides  on how to avoid paying ransoms and decrypt locked files.

Targeting the most common forms of malware variants, including CryptoLocker, TeslaCrypt, and CoinVault, Cyrus told online news sources that it is "crucial" that the matching decryption tool be used for its specific ransomware variant to avoid the risk of overwriting data and disrupting the kit's decryption abilities. Cyrus advises kit users to take the affected machine off the corporate network before the particular form of ransomware is identified.

Though experts advise never paying the ransom, many victims, including government bodies, still fall prey to panic and pay the sum. Besides the risk of extended interaction with cyber-criminals, paying the ransom enhances the continued vulnerability while reinforcing the pervasiveness of the scams.

Of course, avoiding attacks alltogether is the safest measure against ransomware. As always, regular backups to air-gapped drives and staying informed about the techniques and variants out there will help minimise vulnerability.

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