Ransomware News, Articles and Updates

EternalBlue exploit used in Swiss campaigns by Retefe malware

Trojan uses NSA EtneralBlue exploit to hijack computers for new ransomware campaign targeting unpatched systems.

Hacker asks for nude photos of victim instead of money to unlock computer

MalwarHunterTeam tweeted out news of a screenlocker posing as ransomware where the bad guys request nude photos of the victim instead of money.

20% of Manchester police computers at risk of ransomware - using XP

Some 20 percent of Greater Manchester Police's computers are at risk of a ransomware hack due to still running Windows XP, according to research from Top10VPN.com

Doubling Down: Locky & FakeGlobe ransomware pushed in dual spam campaigns

Cyber-criminals kicked off a spam campaign earlier this month capable of delivering either Locky or FakeGlobe ransomware creating a situation where a single person could be victimised twice in the same attack.

Financial attractiveness of ransomware ensures it remains growing threat

Mobile devices under increasing attack from malware, including ransomware, which has seen a 122 percent increase in variants as it becomes an increasingly attractive option for criminals.

Spoiler alert: SMEs and the threat of ransomware attacks

Most small or medium-sized organisations in the UK have experienced several different security attacks and data breaches in the past year. And more than a third have experienced a ransomware attack reports Justin Dolly

Ransomware rumblings in the cloud: stormy weather predicted

A ransomware encrypted desktop computer is enough to make you Wannacry, but the techniques and tools hackers need to make hostages of cloud services and data are already in the wild argues Mimecast CTO Neil Murray.

'Ransomware of things' spell trouble for transportation industry

The next step in the evolution of ransomware would be what they called "jackware" or ransomware designed to target connected devices subsequently creating a ransomware of things (RoT).

NIST guidelines for ransomware recovery - situational awareness vital

The US NCCoE at the NIST along with vendors and businesses within the cyber-security community teamed up to develop a recovery guide for firms hit with ransomware attacks.

SynAck ransomware attacks on the rise - active £325k bitcoin wallet

Activity surrounding a new strain of ransomware named SynAck spiked last week with at least three different versions being reported.

Locky ransomware back in huge spam campaign; new variant escapes sandbox

Locky ransomware is back, being pushed out to victims in a concerted spam campaign. Security researchers have also discovered a variant of the ransomware that attempts to evade analysis by security firms using new approach.

Arab corporate users being targeted with "fake extortion" attack

Over the weekend of 25-26th August, users across the GCC were targets of an attempted 'Fake Extortion' email campaign that passed through security filters and reached its intended victims' corporate inboxes.

Defray ransomware demands payment, then taunts victims to backup data

Defray ransomware is making some minor inroads by targeting firms in the healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology fields, and contains a ransom note that taunts the victim's IT department.

Mac users under attack as never before- android ransomeware up 138%

In the first half of 2017, incidences of Android malware increased more than five percent since the start of the year. Most notably, incidents of Android ransomware increased 138 percent in Q2 .

Ransomworms on the rise: yet another wake up call for the enterprise

90 percent of enterprises still recording exploits for vulnerabilities that are more than three years old, and 60 percent for vulnerabilities more than ten years old says Fortinet report, with twice as many attacks at weekends.

No mistake - New CryptoMix ransomware variant spotted called ERROR

A new CryptoMix ransomware variant called ERROR has been released that includes a new extension added to the encrypted files, ransom note and new encryption keys.

How can organisations prepare for future attacks beyond ransomware?

Notwithstanding the real damage caused by WannaCry and NotPetya, it could have been far worse, and the likelihood is that ransomware attacks will get worse, so we need to invest and prepare now says Tony Rowan.

Locky makes a strong comeback, propelled by botnet-fuel spam campaign

Reports have been pouring in this month about the sudden return of Locky ransomware, which had been largely dormant in 2017. Researchers have discovered two new major versions of Locky being distributed.

Korea's electronics firm LG hit by ransomware, believed to be WannaCry

Consumer electronics company LG has reported to the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) about a ransomware attack on one of its service centres in Korea, with reports saying it is the WannaCry ransomware.

Ransomware actors turn attention to holding websites hostage

Ransomware actors are looking for new targets. According to security vendor WordFence that target appears to be WordPress-powered websites.

Vaccine discovered for Cerber ransomware - based on its own evasion

Hackers try to circumvent anti-ransomware, gives researchers vital clues to combat threat of Cerber

Softening the threat of ransomware through effective backup & recovery

Ransomware is a grave threat but Adrian Moir suggests that advanced and effective backup and recovery can soften the blow significantly, avoiding the financial costs of ransomware and the crippling downtime.

Cerber ransomware using Magnitude EK and binary padding

Cerber ransomware delivered in a Magnitude exploit kit (EK) using an interesting technique, Malwarebyte researchers have discovered.

Blog: Malwaretech, a black and white case or somewhere in between?

Is Malwaretech, aka Marcus Hutchins, innocent? The FBI says Hutchins wrote the code for the Kronos banking Trojan. Without seeing all the evidence from both sides, it's impossible to know for sure.

SentinelOne analyses splash ransomware 'splash screens'

Analysis of the psychology behind digital ransom notes sheds light on the range of social engineering tactics used by cyber-attackers.

ICYMI: Home IoT; £40 bn attack bill; Bupa leak; malware duo; Dow Jones

In Case You Missed It: IoT home vulnerability; Cyber attacks cost £40 bn; Bupa insider data leak; dual malware vectors; Dow Jones data at risk

Is cybersecurity a risk for fundraisers? The SC guide for charities

Charities are being targeted by cyber-criminals but many are still unaware of the main threats facing them. Martyn and Valerie Croft undress some of the challenges facing charities today....

Evil twins NemucodAES and Kovter spreading in joint malware campaign

Ransomware teams up with click-fraud malware in double whammy combining NemucodeAES and Kovter to hit victims unawares.

LeakerLocker ransomware blackmails unwitting mobile app store users

A new kind of mobile ransomware has been found lurking on the Google Play Store.