Ransomware News, Articles and Updates

SentinelOne analyses splash ransomware 'splash screens'

Analysis of the psychology behind digital ransom notes sheds light on the range of social engineering tactics used by cyber-attackers.

ICYMI: Home IoT; £40 bn attack bill; Bupa leak; malware duo; Dow Jones

In Case You Missed It: IoT home vulnerability; Cyber attacks cost £40 bn; Bupa insider data leak; dual malware vectors; Dow Jones data at risk

Is cybersecurity a risk for fundraisers? The SC guide for charities

Charities are being targeted by cyber-criminals but many are still unaware of the main threats facing them. Martyn and Valerie Croft undress some of the challenges facing charities today....

Evil twins NemucodAES and Kovter spreading in joint malware campaign

Ransomware teams up with click-fraud malware in double whammy combining NemucodeAES and Kovter to hit victims unawares.

LeakerLocker ransomware blackmails unwitting mobile app store users

A new kind of mobile ransomware has been found lurking on the Google Play Store.

Mystery user offers Petya/NotPetya decryption for nearly £200,000

There are offers now being made to decrypt the apparently undecryptable endpoints strangled by the Petya/NotPetya attacks.

Multinational talks of £100 mil loss as Petya/NotPetya leaves its mark

International consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser has announced a large loss in revenue as it recovers from last week's Petya/NotPetya ransomware attack.

Industrial ransomware: blood in the water for criminal hackers

The WannaCrypt attack against IT systems marks a new level of risk. Jalal Bouhdada discusses the broader implications of ransomware in industrial, largely operational environments.

Firms struggling to get back to business after NotPetya struck

AP Moller-Maersk, WPP, Reckitt Benckiser and FedEx are struggling to resume normal operations following the NotPetya ransomware attack.

Our concept of the network must change in the aftermath of WannaCry

Jay Chaudhry discusses why in the aftermath of WannaCry, our concept of the network has to change.

After the WannaCry ransomware campaign, why aren't people patching?

A massive ransomware campaign attacked countless endpoints for the second time in just over a month, exploiting a vulnerability that had been patched months earlier. SC asks, why does this keep happening?

Cash, confusion or cyber-warfare: what really motivated NotPetya attack?

Monetising a global ransomware attack on the scale of NotPetya is all but impossible without getting caught. So if not cold cash, what was the motivation behind it?

To Petya or NotPetya: Confusion reigns as industry wonders what to call it

Researchers are quibbling over whether or not this ransomware is Petya as originally reported and if it isnt, then what is it?

UPDATE: 'NotPetya' ransomware at heart of new global campaign

A yet-indeterminate ransomware strain has infected systems all over the world with particular enthusiasm for Ukrainian targets.

NotPetya: Researchers find 'kill switch', then clash over naming

Researchers claim to have found a 'killswitch' for NotPetya, but there seems to be disagreement over what to call it.

NotPetya: Snowden takes shots at NSA, Shadowbrokers lick lips

Both Edward Snowden and the Shadowbrokers have used the NotPetya attacks, to provide their unique perspective on the situation.

Hackers threaten South Korean banks with DDoS attacks

KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, KEB Hana Bank, NH Bank and two other South Korean banks were reportedly threatened with DDoS attacks last week.

ICYMI: Estonia 1st; US$1m ransom; GCSE fall; GDPR concern; Lack of women

In Case You Missed It: Global cybersec ranking; US$1m ransom paid in S Korea; GCSE computing entrants fall; UK GDPR laggard, Women shortfall

Gridlocked: Aussie speed cameras infected with WannaCry ransomware

In the latest episode in the WannaCry saga, the infamous piece of ransomware has locked up dozens of speed cameras in the south eastern region of Victoria.

Ransom-Aware: Consumer awareness high in the wake of WannaCry

Carbon Black's latest study gauges public perception of ransomware, paying ransoms and consumer expectations on businesses to keep their data safe.

Adgholas malvertising group linked to UCL Trojan ransomware attack

Hackers used Astrium exploit kit to deliver Mole ransomware in University College London malware attack, according to research by Proofpoint.

The return of WannaCry makes Honda manufacturing plant Wannacry

The Japanese auto giant was hit with WannaCry ransomware on Sunday, forcing it to halt production of 1,000 cars.

South Korean web hoster pays US$ 1 m ransom to release customer files

South Korean firm NAYANA was hit with a Linux ransomware attack that demanded an unprecedented 550 Bitcoins (BTC) or £1.27 million ransom.

What do we learn about clandestine operators from the Shadow Brokers leak?

Andrei Barysevich discusses how the Chinese and Russian cyber communities have reacted to the Shadow Brokers leak.

Pyongyang calling: GCHQ also now pins WannaCry on North Korea

Not much is known of the investigation by the NCSC into the attack, but experts disagree on the validity of the claims.

Breaking the mould: Why North Korea is unlikely to be behind the WannaCry attack

Ross Rustici provides insight into why North Korea is unlikely to be the answer to the identity of the WannaCry attack.

Preventing cyber-attacks in the wake of the NHS WannaCry incident

Gavin Russell looks cyber-vulnerability detection and how to prepare for and prevent future attacks like the recent NHS WannaCry incident.

NSA: North Korean spies behind global WannaCry Ransomware attacks

The US National Security Agency has announced it believes with 'moderate confidence' that North Korea was behind last month's WannaCry ransomware attacks.

Update: University College London fights off ransomware infection

One of London's most prestigious universities is fighting off a ransomware infection, according to its information security team.

MacOS security reputation challenged by new ransomware-as-a-service

Once viewed as nigh-on impregnable, Apple's reputation for secure products is being challenged once again, this time by ransomware-as-a-service.