Rapid7 has announced the acquisition of mobile risk management vendor Mobilisafe to add visibility of mobile threats to its portfolio.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Rapid7 CEO Mike Tuchen said that he always felt that bring your own devices (BYOD) solutions should and could be done securely and as more and more employees are allowed to bring personal devices to work, the challenge for business is to have visibility of the threats.

He said: “It is a question of how to do BYOD securely and how secure are devices? What needs to be upgraded to be secure? In keeping with our vision of helping companies view threats and prioritise risk, we are taking targeted action on improving security.”

According to Mobilisafe, it offers a cloud-based risk management solution that enables users to view threats across their mobile assets, offering visibility, management of each device connected to the network and the ability to define and deploy policies that mitigate mobile risk, such as blocking devices with a low TrustScore from accessing the network or wiping all data from lost devices.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Tuchen said the addition of a mobile capability was a natural step for Rapid7, as it is about managing and prioritising risk but expanding the offering to mobile devices. “It is about getting visibility into what is out there and the risks and it is a natural extension of what is not covered,” he said.

Giri Sreenivas, CEO and co-founder of Mobilisafe, said the solution was about three layers: what devices are doing; visibility into risks via characteristics; and enforcement of security. He said: “We are very excited to join Rapid7 as they have done a phenomenal job in their space and they have got great products with Nexpose and Metasploit and as we look at the complexities of security, we can see mobile as one of the most complex.”