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Rapid7 NeXpose Appliance


Rapid7 LLC

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£25,000 for appliance with 256 active IP addresses

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Strengths: Vulnerability assessment and risk analysis in one box

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: A solid product that is our Recommended product this month

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The Rapid7 NeXpose appliance is a feature-packed vulnerability-assessment and risk-analysis tool that always goes above and beyond expectations. It can not only scan for network-based vulnerabilities, but also looks inside web applications and databases for potential threats. Along with vulnerability assessment, this device does risk analysis by finding out how vulnerabilities in one asset can lead to problems in others.

The NeXpose box is as close to plug and play as you can get. Setup takes just a few minutes, and once the appliance is on the network, discovery and scans can begin almost immediately. Management is through the web-based GUI, which is set up in a very intuitive fashion. To begin a scan takes just a few seconds, with the scan setup guided by an easy-to-follow wizard.

Once a scan is complete, results can be instantly viewed and predefined reports can be created. We found the results were well organised and allowed us to quickly and easily sort and find information on possible threats and vulnerabilities. Scans can also be set up into various sites, which provides the ability to split the environment into granular segments if needed.

Two manuals are included with the NeXpose appliance. A short setup guide illustrates connecting the appliance to the network and setting up the first scan, while a PDF administrator's guide provides a great amount of detail on using the solution and configuring advanced features. Both these documents are well organised and contain many screenshots and examples.

Rapid7 provides office-hour phone support at time of purchase at no extra cost. Enterprise support can be bought for an additional ten per cent of purchase price, and this provides 24/7 technical support. There is also a knowledge base section available on the website.

At a cost of £25,000, this product may seem quite pricey, but we find it to be an excellent combination of highly comprehensive features and simple management, making it good value for money.

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