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NetWire RAT acts as keylogger, steals payment card data

Criminals used a remote access trojan with keylogging capabilities rather than traditional point-of-sale malware.

Advanced malware linked to South China Sea cyber-attacks

F-secure has linked the use of a Remote Access Trojan, to a recent ruling in the Philippines vs. China territorial dispute.

Lurk banking Trojan propagated via 'legitimate' software

Kaspersky researchers have spotted the Lurk banking Trojan lurking around as legitimate pieces of software on Ammyy.com

Malicious versions of Pokémon GO found, company apologises for privacy issues

Security researchers find malicious versions of Pokemon GO app, while the firm behind new gaming frenzy Pokémon GO, Niantic, apologises for privacy mishaps.

'Trochilus' RAT targets government of Myanmar

Arbor Networks has discovered a new remote access trojan targeting the government of Myanmar as well as NGOs inside the country, believed to be driven by "east Asian actors".

Kripos arrests five men for pushing RAT

Five men were arrested by Kripos, Norway's national criminal justice investigation service, for using and selling malware, in particular a remote access trojan (RAT).

Police raid DroidJackers in international takedown

Users of the remote access trojan, DroidJack, have been raided by police in six countries as part of international investigation into Android spyware.

Hackers revive Word macro malware in AutoIT RAT attack

Hackers have launched phishing attacks on organisations using legitimate automated management tools, according to Cisco.

Krysanec RAT hides in fake Android apps

Anti-virus vendor ESET says that a new Android 'backdoor' Remote Access Trojan (RAT), Krysanec, has been masquerading as free and paid-for applications on third-party app stores.

Africa's cybercrime gangs move way beyond 419 scams

African cyber-criminals have expanded far beyond the simple '419' Nigerian scams they are notorious for, and are now using sophisticated botnets, RATs and targeted attack techniques, according to Trend Micro.

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RAT uses Yahoo Mail to fool security teams

German security research firm G Data is warning of a newly discovered RAT called IcoScript that hides behind popular email services like Yahoo Mail, giving corporate security teams another attack 'vector' to worry about.