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The people problem — security's biggest blind spot

How organisations can turn their biggest security threat — people — into their best security asset. But relying on people as the first and best line of defence requires well-trained professionals and there is a shortage.

Staying secure amid the cyber-skills shortage

Without skilled and trained staff to analyse security threats and keep the organisational infrastructure protected, even the best security tools in the world wouldn't be fully effective, making businesses 'sitting ducks' for cyber-criminals.

A cyber-security talent game-changer - through adoption of VR & AR tech

Ramon Peypoch explains how VR, AR and other immersive technologies could solve the cyber-security talent shortage by attracting gamers for whom cyber-security is not currently on the radar.

How to get the most from SC Jobs

Ben Goodson, recruitment sales manager for SC Jobs, offers advice to candidates and recruiters on how to make the most of the new job site.

Student discovers security flaw in Virgin Media recruitment system

A student has discovered a security vulnerability in the software which Virgin Media uses for recruitment and job applications.

SC job board launched for information security professionals

Haymarket and SC Magazine launch SC Jobs - a new job site dedicated to information security professionals.

IoD members warn of Brexit hiring freeze

The BBC is reporting that after surveying 1000 of its members, the Institute of Directors (IoD) has found that a quarter planned to freeze recruitment and five percent would be planning to cut jobs.

ICYMI: Mouse gives up TOR, new body for recruitment, teen hackers arrested

In Case You Missed It: Researchers identify Tor users by their mouse, cyber-security recruitment body formed, teens arrested for hacking Instagram users and more...

Video: Young and gifted codebreakers compete in cyber-security masterclass final

Forty-two young codebreakers competed Friday in a realistic cyber-security simulation, designed to unearth hidden talent and find tomorrow's cyber-security experts.

How to attract and retain great cyber security talent

Give your new graduates mentoring support and challenge them, rather than just giving them menial tasks if you want to attract and retain the best says Dr. Scott McVicar.

The importance of Street Cred

Among the many elements that make up a successful information security programme, street cred is one with many ramifications and consequences says Josh Goldfarb.

Protecting data - the changing role of the CSO

Risks have changed and both physical and digital security need to come under one remit suggests Troy Fulton who says organisations needs to adopt a holistic approach to security.