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Software vendor found placing malware in its own product

The company FlightSimLabs found itself in the odd position of having to remove malware it had installed on some versions of its software as part of the digital rights management package after it was discovered by a Redditor.

Reddit site spoofed by cyber-criminals to steal credentials of users

Cyber-criminals set up a malicious website that spoofed the original Reddit site and stole login credentials of unsuspecting visitors, yet managed to obtain a valid SSL certificate from a domain registry.

TeamViewer has potential security flaw, Reddit community in upheaval

The TeamViewer Reddit community is currently in upheavel, claiming that TeamViewer is the cause of their computers being infected and with malware and financial accounts emptied.

Reddit resets passwords after LinkedIn data dump

Reddit announced it would require users to reset their passwords following the release of a dataset containing 100 million LinkedIn emails and password combinations from a 2012 breach.

Reddit may - or may not have - received a 'national security letter'

Reddit may - or may not have - received a 'national security letter' which forces them to hand over data about users on the popular news website, but also imposes a gag order which stops them talking about it.