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Three simple steps to secure your ICS systems against digital threats

Industrial control systems (ICS), which manage utilities such as water, gas, and electricity, are going online so that jobs once carried out manually can now be carried out remotely or with the help of automation.

Securing remote control is the first step to safely managing changing working patterns

Pascal Bergeot says being able to take remote control of users' PCs is crucial to managing modern and disparate work forces, but can you really be sure how safe you are?

Hackers crack Tesla CAN Bus, DoT issues policy for securing connected car

Researchers claim they were able to crack into Tesla's CAN Bus to achieve remote control of the electric car and the DoT just issued a new policy concerning automated vehicles.

Lurk banking Trojan propagated via 'legitimate' software

Kaspersky researchers have spotted the Lurk banking Trojan lurking around as legitimate pieces of software on

Root vulnerability gives hackers remote control of doors

A new root vulnerability, allows hackers to easily open networked door controllers in airports, university campus, hospitals, government facilities and other organisations.

'Trochilus' RAT targets government of Myanmar

Arbor Networks has discovered a new remote access trojan targeting the government of Myanmar as well as NGOs inside the country, believed to be driven by "east Asian actors".

Millions of smart TVs and remote control apps vulnerable

A new report from Trend Micro has suggested that 6.1 million apps for smart TVs and remote controls could be vulnerable to remote code execution attacks.

Police raid DroidJackers in international takedown

Users of the remote access trojan, DroidJack, have been raided by police in six countries as part of international investigation into Android spyware.

Zero day vulnerability found in VMware product

A team of experts at 7 Elements has discovered a recent VMware vCentre vulnerability that could result in unauthorised remote access.