Astaro has announced the launch of its RED (Remote Ethernet Device) to combine VPN functionality for branch offices by automatically connecting with a central Astaro security gateway.

Designed to secure remote offices of all sizes, the company said that because the devices are managed through the central office using an Astaro Security Gateway, no training, licensing or technical expertise is required at the remote location in order to secure the branch office.

Additionally, security policy and configuration changes made at the central office can be pushed to the remote sites without any technical involvement at the branch office. This means organisations can secure and manage the security for even the smallest branch office.

Gert Hansen, VP product management at Astaro, said: “We developed Astaro RED as we saw an urgent demand on the market for a solution to secure branch offices that is really easy and reasonably priced. So far, organisations could use low-cost firewalls or VPN gateways or even small UTM appliances, but then had to cope with high acquisition costs, high installation and maintenance effort or lacking security features. Astaro RED ends these dangerous and resource devouring compromises.”