Toshiba has announced the launch of its wipe technology for self-encrypting hard disk drives.

According to Toshiba, Wipe for Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drive allows sensitive user data to be securely erased when a system is powered-down, or when a SED hard disk drive is removed from the system. The feature can also be used to securely erase user data prior to returning a leased system, system disposal or re-purposing.

The company said that Wipe can automatically invalidate a hard disk drive security key when its power supply is turned off, instantly making all data in the drive indecipherable. Also, copier and printer systems vendors can now use Toshiba's Wipe technology to securely invalidate sensitive document image data by automatically erasing the SED's internal encryption key.

This feature can be used prior to system disposal or re-purposing to ensure that private data never leaves the control of the responsible business unit or IT department.