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HPE iLO 4 remote management interfaces targeted with ransomware

Threat actors are targeting internet accessible HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (HPE iLO 4) remote management interfaces with ransomware or a decoy wiper in disguise.

Unsecured N.Y. medical practice server exposes 42,000 records

A Long Island, New York, medical practice left an exposed port normally used for remote synchronisation open exposing at least 42,000 medical records.

Update: Hackers threaten to wipe millions of Apple iCloud accounts

Hackers, purporting to be part of a Turkish crime family, are threatening to remotely wipe 200 million iPhones following an alleged breach of iCloud security.

Are SYNful Knock-style router attacks set to become the new normal?

In the wake of the SYNful Knock attack on its routers, Cisco should re-engineer its devices to prevent future attacks, says Raimund Genes.

Sun, sea and shadow IT

Chris Mayers provides warnings and advice for firms to help them stay safe as more workers log on when on holiday.

Top three network risks for mobile workers and how to counter them

As more and more business is conducted remotely, users need to adopt solutions that will address security weaknesses inherent in Wi-Fi, says John Knopf.

The summer for remote connectivity begins now

As children break up from school for the summer holidays and trips away from home are planned, the subject of remote workers and the problems surrounding external access arises.