Government departments 'must beef up the security of removable devices such as USB memory sticks and removable hard drives' to avoid data breaches.


A report provided to Parliament in January by The Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP stated that data lost included names, addresses, passport details, hospital records and credit card numbers. More than 37 million pieces of personal information were lost in 2007, according to the report.


UK firm ToroTech recommends its digital ‘DNA' solution that protects access to removable devices such as USB sticks. This means that only authorised computers can view the data. It can also let administrators know when unauthorised devices are plugged into the network, thus boosting security.


David Hawksworth, managing director of ToroTech, said: “USB and other data storage devices were originally developed to assist organisations to transfer data from one system to another but with the proliferation of such devices they have now compromised everyone's personal security.


“With digital DNA the solution to data loss and overall security can be greatly simplified and at ToroTech we want to help government departments get to grips with the way they transfer and store data in order to reduce the risks of unauthorised access.”