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Hackers upgrading malware to 64-bit code to evade detection

Detecting 64-bit malware is more difficult than signature scanning for 32-bit malware, and despite a slow start cyber-criminals are starting to update their tools.

MiTM and remote code vulnerabilities found in Trend Micro ServerProtect

Researchers from Core Security discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the web-based management console of Trend Micro ServerProtect.

Terror exploit kit evolving into greater danger - drops multiple exploits

New exploit kit taking the place of Angler and others as it rapidly evolves to target its victims.

Bug in Google Chrome could enable hackers to steal Windows credentials

A recently discovered flaw in Google Chrome could allow cyber-criminals to steal windows credentials, infect victims with malware and allow SMB relay attacks, according to security engineer Bosko Stankovic.

XSS flaw found in the Google's PHP API client enables phishing attacks

Security researchers have discovered a bug in Google's PHP client library for accessing Google APIs that could enable criminals to take advantage of the cross-site scripting flaw and carry out a phishing attack.