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OpenSSL change to Apache Licence v2.0 sparks concerns over author rights

Critics upset over lack of consultation over licensing move as the OpenSSL project moves to Apache License v 2.0, a move which may affect hundreds of contributors.

LastPass bug could allow hackers to steal passwords and execute code

Google researcher Tavis Ormandy finds more flaws in the LastPass password manager, one affecting the Google Chrome extension and another affecting version 3.3.2 of its Firefox add-on.

US-CERT warns of MiTM security threats around inline SSL inspection

SSL inspection is much more widespread than previously thought and could help a MiTM attack, leading the US-CERT, part of the DHS in America, to issue a special advisory.

20-year-old flaw found in Ubiquiti networking gear running ancient PHP

Running PHP 2.0.1 turns out to be a bad way to secure network devices against a range of threats including cross-site request forgery attacks.

Massive data leak in US Air Force exposes details of 4,000+ officers

An unnamed lieutenant colonel's unsecured backup drive is the alleged cause of leak which exposed the private personal details of over 4000 US Air Force Officers.