Replay Solutions has announced the latest version of its ‘log amplification' solution ReplayDIRECTOR that can generate new or expanded execution logs from historical software recordings.

It claimed that the basic idea of ReplayDIRECTOR 3.1 is that log SIEM tools are usually set up by their administrators not to collect all log data, but with the complexity of many applications today, people trying to go back and fix bugs or get compliance data do not have access to these lost lower level logs.

Replay said that its log amplification function provides development, quality assurance and operations staff with deeper, post-execution diagnostic information about an application's code, user and data behaviour. It also arms security and compliance functions with levels of logs that are more detailed and comprehensive than originally captured.

Jonathan Lindo, co-founder and CEO of Replay Solutions, said: “The launch of ReplayDIRECTOR is a major step forward in using logs to help find and resolve not only software defects, but also mission critical security and compliance issues. These are the first of several features we are building on top of our patented Replay technology.”