Junior sales workers are committing more security breaches than any other type of employee, according to new research by MessageLabs.

The study, which sought the views of almost 1000 UK and US IT decision makers, found that junior sales workers between the ages of 26-35, who are multi-taskers and technology savvy, are the worst culprits when it comes to security violations. This group of workers is also likely to use many applications such as email, instant messenger, VoIP and surf the web, the report said.

Conversely, those members of staff who are knowledgeable on security issues and work in technology middle management roles across the same age group are the least likely to break security rules, the research claims.

“Today’s businesses need to be vigilant about both external and internal security threats,” warned Mark Sunner, chief security analyst at MessageLabs. “With almost half of all businesses not providing adequate training regarding online threats, employees are likely to be oblivious to the dangers to hand and need protecting by other means.”