A report from Tech UK says that tackling cyber-crime in the UK needs better funding distribution, a police Managed Service Provider to contract skills more easily and more accurate reporting in order to get the industry and law enforcement to work together.

“This report highlights the challenges that cyber-crime represents for policing. Within the context of shrinking public sector sources there is clearly the opportunity for private sector technology firms to work in closer partnerships with the Police to tackle the threat posed by cyber-crime,” said Adrian Leppard, commissioner of the City of London Police.

The report warned that the current situation implies that the ability to deal with cyber-crime varies among different police units in the UK. It also said the government needs to review the funding assigned to undertaking cyber-crime prevention and end local reporting, recording and responses. It's also noted that crime figures have risen for the first time in 20 years after the addition of cyber-crime for the first time.

James Murphy, associate director, defence and security at Tech UK commented, “It's only by working in partnership with the cyber-security industry that the police can access the skills, capacity and reach that they desperately need.”