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Staff at Northern Ireland assembly warned over email breach

Warnings issued to change passwords. Northern Ireland Assembly has issued warnings to staff following cyber-attacks on its IT system, according to reports by the Belfast Telegraph.

US counter-terrorism operation exposed Slingshot APT campaign

A recently published Kaspersky Lab report that exposed a sophisticated, six-year cyber-espionage campaign targeting the Middle East and Africa disrupted an active counter-terrorism operation.

Chrome 65 update ready, contains 45 security fixes

The Google Chrome team reported it moved Chrome 65 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux with the latest update containing 45 security fixes, with at least nine rated as "high".

Brute force and dictionary attacks up 400 percent in 2017

New report also finds information stealing malware still vastly more popular among hackers than ransomware. Hacking attempts using brute force or dictionary attacks have increased 400 percent in 2017, according to a report.

Thales Data Threat Report: Increased security spend - in the wrong place

Some 78 percent of organisations polled The Thales 2018 Data Threat Report plan on increasing their IT security spending in 2018, up from 73 percent globally in 2017, and including nearly 86 percent of US organisations.

Councils failing on cyber-security, say campaigners

UK councils are suffering from a lack of training in the face of a vast number of cyber attacks, averaging 37 attacks per minute, according to a new report.

Reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft products more than doubled since 2013

The total number of reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft's software products, including those in the new Windows 10 operating system, rose over two-fold in the last four years and critical vulnerabilities rose by 60 percent.

Hidden Cobra malware infects Androids, turns Windows machines into proxies

The DHS and FBI on Tuesday jointly released two new reports analysing trojan malware attributed to Hidden Cobra, aka Lazarus Group -- a threat actor widely believed to be sponsored by the North Korean government.

Threats in SSL traffic rocket by 30 percent

While the use of HTTPS encryption is on the rise, the same is unfortunately true of attackers using it to mask their operations, according to a new report.

Criminals ramps up server-side attacks

Hackers are increasingly turning to server-side attacks, according to a new report. Report notes fall in use of client-side exploit kits.

Monero miner Smominru using EternalBlue to spread

The new Monero miner Smominru is active in the wild using the EternalBlue exploit to spread, according to a new report.

Rise in use of biometrics products for cyber-security, report predicts

As fraud rises, a new report has revealed that biometric-based authentication is set to become more prevalent in the UK.

Almost half of UK firms hit by cyber-breach or attack in the past year

Government report says seven in ten large companies identified a breach or attack with firms holding personal data more likely to be attacked primarily by fraudulent emails, followed by viruses and malware.

Amnesty says UK leads Europe-wide 'race to bottom' with terrorism laws

Amnesty has claimed its new report aims to give a bird's eye view of the national security landscape in Europe. "It shows just how widespread and deep the 'securitisation' of Europe has become since 2014," it said.

Digital Shadows says DDoS extortion on the rise thanks to Mirai botnet

A new report by security company Digital Shadows claims that the release of the source code to the Mirai botnet is a godsend for cyber-extortionists who are looking to make a quick buck from the readily available malware.

Report: Internet trust at all time low, too much data still at risk

Five-step approach identified by The Internet Society to address data breaches and increase online trust as it claims online trust is lower than ever before.

Cyber-crime: on an upward trend

Cyber-crime growth is accelerating. Rob Wainwright reports how Europol's 2016 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment identifies an expanding cyber-criminal economy exploiting our increasingly Internet-enabled lives.

Hype hampers understanding of cyber-security says Aussie government

A report by the Australian Cyber-Security Centre says that the misuse and over-hyping of cyber-security terms has hampered the public's ability to understand cyber-security issues.

RAND Report questions breach cost

A breach isn't quite as big a deal as we've been told. That is if the findings of a new report are to be believed. Authored by Sasha Romanosky, a policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, the report undercuts one of the great cliches of the cyber-security industry: that breaches are expensive.

IOCCO report reveals numerous errors made in use of phone and web data

The IOCCO's annual report has revealed how throughout 2015, the security services made 1,119 mistakes in the interception of communications data which led to 17 wrongful arrests.

New research shows ransomware victims are paying up

New research from security company Trend Micro shows ransomware victims are paying up, despite remaining defiant to fight it as much as possible.

Privacy organisations launch index to track surveillance tech sales

Watchdog groups Privacy International and Transparency Toolkit today launched their new Surveillance Industry Index (SSI), which contains data on 528 companies that supply surveillance technology to governments and corporations.

[Updated] 'Lacklustre' NCA cyber-crime report adds nothing new, critics say

The NCA has issued a report in cooperation with industry partners, in which they admit they are falling behind the cyber-criminals but the report has been criticised for containing little information that is new or useful.

Report identifies path from online gaming to cyber-criminality

Online gaming can become a gateway into cyber-criminality for vulnerable young people, according to a report from CREST and the NCA which recommends strategies for diverting gamers into more socially useful activities.

Vaizey urges businesses to adopt Cyber Essentials to combat malware threats

As UK government vows to boost cyber-defences, its own research finds majority of successful attacks could have been prevented by adopting Cyber Essentials.

RSA 2016 (video): Budget allocations biggest headache for security, says report

The Dell Data Security Report found that 82 percent of IT and business decision makers surveyed have tried to limit employee access to data across their locations,

New report diagnoses healthcare bodies with poor cyber-security

Health care bodies appear to have a focus on protecting patient data, often forgetting to protect themselves from other more serious attacks, a new report has shown.

Companies quicker to detect breaches, hackers more aggressive

Report finds that firms are paying hush money to prevent data being dumped on the internet, according to FireEye Mandiant's M-Trends report.

Bank of England worried about cyber-threats

As the financial world begins to look more stable, 46% of bankers worry about cyber-threats