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Playing Defence - Nuclear Posture Review allows nuclear response to cyber

Calls from around the United States pour into the White House Situation Room reporting power plants shutting down across the Northeast and Midwest, causing massive black outs affecting tens of millions of people.

Pharma firms decline to report data breaches - some don't know how

A survey of more than 400 UK IT professionals in the UK pharmaceutical business found many do not report data breaches, in many cases because they do not know how.

European ransomware initiative gains 13 new member countries

The fight against ransomware is going global as an initiative by the Dutch police and Europol begins to attract support from Europe and the rest of the world.

ISACA launches COBIT 5 online

Spam down in May says Kaspersky

The proportion of spam in email traffic fell 1.3 percent from April to May says Kaspersky.

Security and legal professionals claim 24-hour breach notification will not be a complete burden

The proposed 24-hour breach notification law will be a challenge for smaller businesses, but not for enterprises.