Mozilla developers are rushing to patch the Firefox browser after an attack code was published.


The details of a critical bug were published after an attack code was released that targets a critical and unpatched flaw in Firefox. The attack code was published on several security sites on Wednesday causing Firefox developers into an immediate response.


Security researcher Guido Landi, who wrote the code, claimed that until it is patched, the code could be modified by attackers and used to push unauthorised software onto a Firefox user's machine.


Developers have reportedly worked out a fix and are expected to ship a patch in the forthcoming 3.0.8 release of the browser early next week.

Commenting on recent attacks against Firefox, Andrew Brandt, threat expert at Webroot, said: In the past few weeks, we've seen malware writers up the ante in their bets against Firefox. Two new spies came across the transom in the past week, and easily managed to load themselves into a freshly installed copy of Firefox 3.0.7.



“I should note that this isn't due to any problem or negligence on Mozilla's part; once you execute malicious code on your PC, any application is vulnerable. Firefox just happens to be a big target.”