Whitepapers are partner-offered informational research documents that provide technical and operational data, case studies, and timely views and explanations to help keep your organization safe.

The Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment 2017

Not all email security systems perform the same. Lots of false negatives get let through. Download the report of ESRA tests to see the threats that Mimecast catches and other email security systems miss.


Forrester Research Study: Email Security Threats - Not Just from the Outside

Email-borne insider threats both accidental and malicious are a real and ongoing problem for organizations. Discover Forrester’s perspective on internal threats and how organizations are and should be responding.

Reviewing a year of serious data breaches, major attacks and new vulnerabilities

Download this whitepaper to learn how a full suite of capabilities can help you extend protection from the back office to the front office by helping ensure integration and coordination end-to-end across your enterprise.

Network Based Security Playbook Guide

You've seen the headlines: cyber breaches at major corporations jeopardizing confidential information for millions of users; highly targeted spear phishing campaigns delivering malware deep into networks..

Nucleus Research Guidebook: IBM QRadar on Cloud

Company's are emphasizing network integrity more frequently, while also being cost-conscious about their tech purchases. Download this whitepaper to learn how organizations are outsourcing to keep spending within the budget.

Where Are You on the Path to Unified Communications

In a tangle of acronyms, applications, carriers, and features, your complex business voice systems are still about one thing: a simple conversation. It's where business starts and gets done.

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Office 365

This checklist addresses the critical questions facing IT professionals as an organization considers a move to the cloud.


SC Media eBook on Encryption

With all the current talk about Apple, Safe Harbor and other encryption issues, this eBook will look at the state of encryption and how it has become as much a business issue as it is a security one.

SC Media eBook on Threat Intelligence

This eBook looks at how you can focus your threat intelligence feeds and tune your network hardware to provide the data you need.

SC Media eBook on Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are profitable and effective for the attackers. What's to stop them from continuing with these types of breaches? This ebook looks at why these attacks have become so popular in the past few years.

SC Media eBook on Internet of Things

IoT devices need not even be connected directly to the internet to become corporate vulnerabilities.

SC Media eBook on Security Analytics

It’s no longer a question of will you be breached but how quickly and effectively you respond to the breach. We discuss some of your options.

SC Media eBook on DDoS

Today’s attackers can corral millions of systems infected with malware to launch focused botnet attacks that can easily bring down targeted servers.

SC Media eBook on Insider Threat

Not all threats are malicious. Well-intentioned employees represent a risk vector just as severe as others.