Mimecast makes business email and data safer for thousands of customers and millions of employees worldwide. Founded in 2003, the Company’s next-generation cloud-based security, archiving and continuity services protect email, and deliver comprehensive email risk management in a single, fully integrated subscription service. Mimecast reduces email risk and the complexity and cost of managing the array of point solutions traditionally used to protect email and its data. For customers that have migrated to cloud services like Microsoft Office 365TM, Mimecast mitigates single vendor exposure by strengthening security coverage, combating downtime and improving archiving. Mimecast Email Security protects against malware, spam, advanced phishing and other emerging attacks, while preventing data leaks. Mimecast Mailbox Continuity enables employees to continue using email during planned and unplanned outages. Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving unifies email, file and instant messaging data to support e-discovery and give employees fast access to their personal archive via PC, Mac and mobile apps. To learn more, visit www.mimecast.com.
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Osterman Research: GDPR Compliance and Its Impact on Security and Data Protection

The EU’s GDPR is triggering a change in how organizations need to protect personal data. Learn why compliance requires unprecedented levels of effort and what specific security measures you need to take to comply with GDPR

Forrester Brief: You Need an Action Plan for GDPR

The Forrester Research Brief “You Need an Action Plan for the GDPR” helps your security, regulatory and privacy teams grasp five must-have changes necessary to comply with the GDPR.

Research Shows Office 365 Surging But Risks Remain

A recent study found 85% of respondents viewing email as critical to the organization. Whether you're already executing or planning a migration, this report reveals insights that can help make email more secure and resilient.

The Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment 2017

Not all email security systems perform the same. Lots of false negatives get let through. Download the report of ESRA tests to see the threats that Mimecast catches and other email security systems miss.

Forrester Research Study: Email Security Threats - Not Just from the Outside

Email-borne insider threats both accidental and malicious are a real and ongoing problem for organizations. Discover Forrester’s perspective on internal threats and how organizations are and should be responding.

GDPR Risk Management

Organizations need to avoid the risks of violating the GDPR - penalties could cost millions. Download this report to learn ways to simplify GDPR compliance, and develop a comprehensive defense for personal data.