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Retailers need to re-think how they protect the in-store experience

Increased use of technology has increased exposure to retail crime vulnerabilities as retailers move towards harnessing the in-store network, but data-driven approaches can also increase security.

How to stop the travel scammers taking you for a ride

The travel industry needs to act swiftly: the airline sector alone faces estimated losses of €1 billion a year from ticket fraud. It's time to improve fraud prevention and get better at attempts to hack back-end systems.

Retailers need to identify and block threats to online shoppers

To prevent fraud, online retailers need to widen their cyber-security perimeters to encompass virtual geographies such as the deep web and social networking sites to identify and block fraud threats before they are executed.

Retailers still in need of data breach response plan

A recent survey showed that surprisingly, a large percentage of retailers still have no data breach response plan in place.

UK consumers concerned about security of personal info on retail apps

When it comes to deciding whether to download a retail app, security breaches have been revealed as the biggest fear among consumers.

Cylance says RawPOS is back with a fresh new signature, not much else

The California-based security has published an analysis which claims not much effort has been put into the new variant, and as a result was a doddle to catch.

The retail industry steps up the fight against cyber-threats

The British Retail Consortium releases practical guidance for British retail businesses to ensure they have the appropriate preventative and response measures in place to reduce their vulnerabilities and to protect both themselves and their customers.

Retailers overconfident in identifying and remediating cyber-attacks

Despite unique attacks on their sector, IT professionals in retail are overconfident in their ability to quickly collect data needed to identify and remediate cyber-attacks.

McDonald's adding biometrics-based access management to its menu?

McDonald's has been tinkering with the idea of using biometrics to manage employee access to corporate systems inside its retail locations, said a McDonald's corporate manager at SC Congress Chicago on Thursday.

ICYMI: US to retaliate; 6,000 stores hacked; Euro CyberSec exercise; GDPR preparation

ICYMI: This week: The buck stops with Obama; 6000 e-commerce stores hacked; largest ever pan-European cybersec exercise; preparation for the GDPR and mounting security spends

Nearly 6,000 online stores hit by hackers

Thousands of retailers have been hit by credit card detail stealing malware. They way the hackers got in? unpatched software flaws.

Russian web hub offering stolen goods and exploit services, report

A robust underground marketplace for the sale of stolen products from compromised accounts as well as shady online services has been detected in Russia.

SC Congress Toronto 2016: Finish Line leverages IT auditing service to secure increase in cyber budget

In the perennial corporate tug-of-war over budget, Finish Line's director of security and compliance Cory Deeter recently relied on an independent security assessment service to influence upper-level executives to increase funding for cyber-security initiatives.

IP EXPO: Responsibility and blaming the victim

Today's panel at IPEXPO discussed the common bad habit of blaming the victim rather than the criminals who committed the crime.

78% of SMBs would use 'dirty tricks' to disadvantage rivals

A new marketing survey has revealed UK companies are sometimes less upstanding than we might hope when dealing with rivals, including deploying cyber sabotage techniques.

Have retailers secured themselves against the Insider threat before you head to the checkout?

The entire company must be aware of security risks, and their role, with safeguards in place to make it harder for mistakes to happen, as well as training to raise awareness of the consequences of a leak says Jens Puhle.

Six months in, chipped credit cards gaining acceptance with consumers, retailers

The six-month anniversary of chipped credit cards is coming up on 1 April and the general consensus in the industry on the rollout is "so far so good."

Kaspersky sees uptick in spam from fake 'Amazon stores'

Kaspersky noticed an increase in fake emails that claim to be from Amazon online stores offering free gifts.

Hands up, Santa: hackers hijack parcel confirmation emails

As the festive season arrives, hackers have been trying out a new trick: phishing emails in the forms of parcel delivery notifications.

Amazon force-resets passwords

Amazon has suddenly force-reset many of it's customers passwords after a vulnerability scare

Retailers warned of 'most advanced POS malware ever'

iSIGHT says it has discovered the most advanced POS malware it has ever seen, with the ability to customise its attacks to individual victims.

Update: Government officials being targeted with the retailer's techniques

A new threat intelligence report from FireEye has identified a group using techniques and tools commonly employed by retailers to target high-level government and military officials.

Hackers could use BadBarcode to launch attacks on systems

Malicious barcodes could be used to infiltrate security infrastructure, according to security researchers who found they could send ASCII characters and open command shells via the barcode scanner.

Marks & Spencer data compromise not a hack

M&S website closed for two hours as customers see the account details of others. Retailer says it was an internal issue, not a hack, and no financial details were disclosed.

Hacking group stole credit card data of 150,000 casino customers

The personal information of 150,000 customers of an as-yet-unnamed casino was compromised following an incursion by the "Fin5" hacking group.

Tripwire uncovers smart home hub zero-day vulnerabilities

Three top-selling smart home hubs on Amazon have zero-day vulnerabilities that could allow an outsider entry into the user's home, Tripwire reported.

How overcoming security challenges improved customer experience

In the age of connected objects, social networks, smartphones and new consumer behaviours, the IT security department has an increasingly important role for enterprises across all sectors, says Thierry Bettini.

Security considerations when taking iPad POS mainstream

Businesses of all sizes have begun to consider iPad POS as a viable option, but what are the security implications, asks Josh Smith.