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Exclusive: Bletchley Park set for Lottery rescue

The home of Britain's codebreaking efforts during the War has entered into detailed discussions with the Heritage Lottery Fund for significant funding to rebuild its rotting infrastructure

Steganography developers turn their attention to hiding information in VoIP

The abundance of voice over IP equipment has led researchers to develop a range of techniques which, instead of hiding information in standard data traffic, will allow individuals to instead hide information in VoIP streams

Indian Government withdraws threat over BlackBerry services

The threat which could have led to the country's BlackBerry services being suspended appears to have lifted after the Government backed down on its own demands for access to users' data

HMRC breach would have been avoided for just £15,000

The catastrophic loss of information of 25 million UK citizens last year would have been avoided if Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs had spent a maximum of £15,000 on the extraction of data, but it turned down this expenditure because information security was such a low priority, one of the breach investigators revealed today

Data watchdog admits to deluge of Central Government breach info

The Information Commmissioner's Office has revealed it has been voluntarily informed of a huge number of security breaches - mostly in Westminster - while it eyes up plans for a new law which could make the reporting of such incidents compulsory