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Android malware on Google Play grows botnets, launches DDoS attacks

The Sockbot malware has made its way into at least eight Apps in the Google Play Store with the intent of adding devices to botnets and performing DDoS attacks.

ROCA vulnerability threatens RSA encrypted devices on heels of KRACK scar

ROCA proof of concept attacks threaten RSA encrypted devices as far back as 2012 - patches need updating now.

Estonia releases update on Digital ID card vulnerability

The Estonia government issued an update on a vulnerability potentially affecting digital use of ID cards issued since October 2014.

Ykcol and Asasin Locky variants released within short time frame

At least two new Locky ransomware variants have been released within less than a month of each other although one of the variants is broken for the time being due to a malformed spam campaign. founder sentenced to prison for hacking competitor

The founder of a professional networking site was sentenced to a year and one day in prison after hacking into a competitor's database and attempting to sell his site to the same company whose database he hacked.