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Update 'SquirtDanger' versatile malware - author Russian hacker TheBottle

Update: Russian hacker TheBottle investigated by Palo Alto's Unit 42 researchers whic identified a new botnet malware family SquirtDanger described as "Swiss Army Knife Malware".

Polymorphic Monero-Mining RETADUP Worm keeps threat detection on its toes

A cryptocurrency mining worm written in the same open-source scripting language used for creating Windows hotkeys and using polymorphism is giving conventional threat detection techniques a run for their money.

DOJ investigating Verizon and AT&T over allegedly trying to block eSIM tech

AT&T and Verizon are under Department of Justice investigation concerning antitrust violations for allegedly trying to lock eSIM technology preventing customers from easily switching carriers without inserting a new SIM card.

Social media aggregator LocalBlox leaves 48m records in the cloud exposed

In the wake of the Facebook- CA scandal, social media data aggregation firm LocalBlox left an AWS bucket misconfigured revealing 48 million records gleaned from publicly available data on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ikea's TaskRabbit investigating cyber-security incident

Ikea's freelance labour marketplace Task Rabbit temporarily shut down its app and website amid an investigation of a "cyber-security incident."