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Mysterious Felismus RAT poses powerful threat

Forcepoint Lab researchers spotted a remote access trojan (RAT) dubbed Felismus which has a modular construction that allows it to hide and or extend its capabilities.

Preventing Skynet: Securing robotic and IoT devices

Unsecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the increasing use of automation are leading to vulnerable robotic device, robots if you will, that if compromised by a hacker could inflict physical harm to human not to mention opening the device possibly compromising all types of personal information.

Delta fake ticket receipt scam redirects to Hancitor malware

User's surprised by their surprise booking and re-accommodation, receive an email stating that the user's order has been confirmed.

Union Bank of India cyber-attacked similar to Bangladesh heist

Hackers launched an attack against Union Bank of India that was very similar to the attack Bangladesh bank heist that resulted in the theft of $81 million.