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Researchers warn orgs should plan for partial IT failures & system outages

Researchers are warning firms should make sure they are prepared for partial failures in IT infrastructure after a "very rare" data centre glitch caused a payment meltdown on Visa systems.

Mylobot exhibits never before seen evasion techniques

A highly sophisticated never-before-seen botnet was recently discovered using three different layers of evasion techniques and acts as a gate for additional loads.

Study finds nearly half of web applications put user data at risk

Despite the increased awareness of cyber-security and high profile data breaches, a recent study revealed nearly half of web applications place users' personal data at risk of theft and all of them contained at least one vulnerability.

New SamSam variant requires attacker's input before infection

SamSam ransomware has once again been spotted in the wild, but this time researchers have spotted a much more targeted variant that requires user interaction in the most recent campaign.

ACLU to deliver petition that Amazon stop selling surveillance tech to the gov't

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other advocacy groups are delivering a petition to Amazon's Seattle headquarters today requesting that the company stop selling surveillance technology to the government.