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Russian cybercriminals using VOIP services to bypass fraud verifications

Flashpoint researchers spotted Russian speaking cyber-criminals using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services to bypass phone call transaction verifications.

Cerber ransomware using Magnitude EK and binary padding

Cerber ransomware delivered in a Magnitude exploit kit (EK) using an interesting technique, Malwarebyte researchers have discovered.

Fuzz testers taking less time to spot vulnerabilities in IoT protocols

A review of Fuzz Testing results from various industries in 2016 showed the overall average time to first failure (TTFF) was 1.4 hours, meaning testers are taking less time to find vulnerabilities than in 2015.

Russian hacker extorts gambling company after cracking poker machines

A Russian mathematician and programmer attempted to extort an Australian gambling company of £10 million or more after cracking the spin sequence on several of the firm's poker machines.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday addresses nearly 50 flaws

Microsoft had a busy month patching flaws with nearly 50 security issues fixed, many of which have a severity rating of critical" or "important" with remote code execution vulnerabilities.