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Strengths: Solid personal password management for users across the enterprise

Weaknesses: Limited features in the way of managing and vaulting system accounts

Verdict: Good personal product with first-rate support

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RoboForm Enterprise starts out looking like a single sign-on product but that is just on the surface. This product allows administrators to be almost completely cut out of the picture when it comes to users and their passwords. Once an administrator has designed the password policy, users of RoboForm can easily manage their own passwords and scale back to only one password.

This product is a simple install and we were able to deploy it in just a few minutes.

We created the policy using the Policy Editor tool and we were on our way.

From a user standpoint, this product does take a slight bit of getting used to. The included toolbar can be a little overwhelming at first and there is some terminology to get acquainted with. However, after some playing around with the product we found it to be fairly simple to use.

Roboform Enterprise focuses more on the user than administrative passwords. We found this product to have some solid security features such as using AES encryption to store passwords on the local machine, however there is no centralised password vault for higher security. This product also falls short in terms of managing hard coded passwords and syncing passwords across the entire enterprise.

Documentation includes a PDF user manual. This manual is well organised and easy to follow with many screenshots. We did find that it does lack a slight bit in depth. Many of the product features and configuration are simply one sentence explanations.

We would have liked to see a little bit more detail especially with the system's initial setup and deployment.

Siber Systems offers unlimited updates and phone support as well as an expansive online support area. This includes manuals, demos, tutorials, FAQs, as well as product information and technical documents.

Starting at just under £11 per user, this product is good value for the money.

RoboForm Enterprise offers a lot of nice features in the way of personal password management for users and administrators alike.