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SoftBank's Pepper & NAO robots highly vulnerable to ransomware attacks

More than 30,000 Pepper and NAO robots used worldwide are vulnerable to ransomware attacks through which cyber-criminals can restrict a business's access to data, impact operations and cause such robots to malfunction.

Firefox Mr Robot ad looks like malware to users

Mozilla scared - or at least upset - several of its users with the unannounced addition of a Firefox new plug-in, Looking Glass, to promote the USA Network hacker show Mr Robot.

Preventing Skynet: Securing robotic and IoT devices

Unsecure Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the increasing use of automation are leading to vulnerable robotic device, robots if you will, that if compromised by a hacker could inflict physical harm to human not to mention opening the device possibly compromising all types of personal information.

New technology, same bugs: the rise and fall of the robot revolution

A plethora of vulnerabilities across multiple models and brands of robots is leaving cyber-security experts scratching their heads, wondering why we are making the same old mistakes again.

Imperva: beware of automated registration bots, they're great at concealing fraud

One of Imperva's security researchers has warned of automated registration bots, says "they're great at concealing fraud."