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Blick Rothenberg: SMEs still not doing cyber-security due-diligence

The advisory, accounting and tax practice warns that SMEs not paying attention to their cyber-security could cost them thousands every year.

Availability of ready-made exploits helping young get into cyber-crime

The National Crimes Agency says young people aren't motivated by money or a certain ideology, rather looking for a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

Security vulnerabilities found in select Linksys router models

Security researchers uncover 10 separate issues making thousands of popular Wi-Fi routers susceptible to attack.

FBI and CIA searching for "insider" following Wikileaks data dump

The CIA and FBI are said to have embarked on the search for the person who leaked their respective secret hacking tools to Wikileaks, which is being described as one of the "worst security breaches in CIA history".

Mastercard hedges its bets on fingerprint scanner in new card

Money-giant Mastercard has unveiled a new payment card which contains a fingerprint scanner for the purposes of verification.