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eBay asking users to switch from keyfob to SMS 2fa

The move has proven as a controversial one, after NIST ruled SMS two-factor authentication as no longer secure enough.

Canada and Nato attempt to define threshold for cyber-attack response

Amidst a Russian war of intelligence and influence, the Canadian military considers what defines a cyber-attack under the Nato agreement and when it should call in help of other countries.

Alleged international fraud ring stealing from Kenyan government

The Kenyan government has said it has been targeted by an international fraud ring which has stolen $39 million (£31 million) from its coffers using hackers to carry out the theft.

Imperva Incapsula warns of rapidly strengthening DDoS attacker capabilities

Incapsula, Imperva's DDoS experts, have said US, UK and Netherlands top attacked countries, drew 74.9 percent of all attacks.

Research reveals changing attitudes toward application security

Top performing software development teams embrace DevSecOps automation.