In order to cash in on more general news, it would be a shame not to mention Roman Polanski. It is not the opinion of Security Cats to dwell on the claims or case, instead to mention two stories that have definitely caught the attention this morning.

Firstly, the Daily Telegraph reported that Wikipedia has ‘frozen' Polanski's page ‘after an "edit war" broke out between contributors after news of the director's detention in Switzerland emerged on Sunday morning'.

The Wikipedia forum apparently had a ‘disagreement about whether Polanski's sexual exploitation of a 13-year-old girl in 1977 should be given more prominence than his professional achievements'.

The Telegraph reported that Wikipedia frequently increases the ‘protection' level of particularly controversial entries or biographies of people involved in running news stories, meaning that only its own administrators can make changes. A note currently at the top of Polanski entry reads: ‘This page is currently protected from editing until September 28, 2009 or until disputes have been resolved.'

However the leading story this morning about Polanski has to go to the Associated Press, whose story at Forbes has been substituted for an email discussion between ‘Frank' and ‘Brad', who asks for probing as ‘New York will want to know' and later claims that ‘no surprise, New York is really hot on this.'

Needless to say this has been a trending topic on Twitter all morning, my only hope is that it remains unfixed for some time in order for us all to realise that mistakes are easily made, and prove that social networking really does bring people together in their appreciation of a #fail.

*Update* - well it seems that the Press Association and have realised the error that was published online for many hours and left untouched, as it has now been removed with an 'fail' page. Although there is an air of humour in the line 'Something's gone awry'.