A Romanian hacker has been given a suspended sentence after hacking into the U.S. Navy, the Department of Energy and NASA.


Victor Faur has been given a 16-month suspended prison sentence and been ordered to pay damages totaling $238,000 to the three U.S. government departments for hacking into their systems between November 2005 and September 2006,


His lawyer said that the court convicted Faur on Thursday under a 2003 law making it illegal to break into an information system without authorisation and to change, delete and alter data. Faur was tried in Romania because he hacked into the systems from his home in Arad.


Faur had faced a possible 12 years in prison on the Romanian charges after being indicted in the United States on nine federal counts of computer intrusion and one of conspiracy in 2006.


The U.S. government alleged Faur was the leader of a hacking group called ‘WhiteHat Team,' whose main goal was to break into U.S. government computers because they are some of the most secure in the world.


His lawyer said his client is considering an appeal.