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SC Roundtable: Ensure you can respond within 72 hours of a breach by acting now

SC's April roundtable brought together industry professionals to talk about advent of the GDPR and how to be ready to identify and and report those breaches.

Roundtable: The Threat Landscape

A diverse group of security professionals converged on Central London's Sky Garden for yet another SC Roundtable, lead by security veteran Michael Everall, to discuss the threat landscape

SC Roundtable: EU GDPR - Are you ready?

SC's most recent roundtable visited that most pressing of topics, the General Data Protection Regulation and how to get ready before it takes effect.

SC Roundtable: The Threat Landscape

A host of security professionals joined SC yesterday for a frank discussion on the looming threat landscape

Roundtable: C-suite responsibilities in the case of a breach

SC Magazine's most recent roundtable opened with the question, when it comes to a breach, where does the buck stop? Who own's the breach?

How to prepare for the inevitable: SC Roundtable sponsored by FireEye Mandiant

No one wants to plan for a breach, but its what you ought to do if you want to minimise the costs, data losses and reputational damage when the inevitable happens, hence the avid pre-planning at last week's SC roundtable.

Security on the agenda

Cyber-security has become a boardroom issue, but too few boards give the topic the time or resources required, our experts agreed at a recent SC Magazine Roundtable. Opinions were split over how to respond