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Satori creator linked with new Mirai variant Masuta

Nexus Zeta behind botnet that weaponises router exploit to enlist further vulnerable IoT devices. The author of Satori botnet may also be behind two new Mirai variants called Masuta and PureMasuta.

Malware behind Satori botnet posted to Pastebin

The code that exploits a flaw in Huawei, a router that enables these devices to be turned into botnets to push Satori and Brickerbot has been publicly posted on Pastebin.

Virgin Media routers contain vulnerability which allows admin access

Security researchers have found that the encryption key used for custom configurations of Virgin Media broadband routers is the same for all hubs across the UK.

Same fate befalls Post Office broadband as hit DT?

With reports of outages to customers of Post Office broadband and TalkTalk, the attack that that nearly a million Deutsche Telekom customers over the weekend appears to have made its way to the UK's shores.

Throw your backdoored D-Link router in the bin, urges security researcher

Slew of bugs and backdoors means device is unsafe to use

Netgear patch delay left thousands of routers under attack

A Netgear router vulnerability remained unpatched for months after it was discovered by security researchers, leaving thousands of the devices under active attack.

Update: Cisco issues free scanner for SYNful Knock

After the revelation that 200 Cisco routers have been compromised with the SYNful Knock implant, Cisco has released a free scanner for customers.

New malware discovered internationally on 14 Cisco routers

SYNful Knock, a new kind of malware has been found on Cisco routers around the globe. Cyber-security experts say this represents a threat previously thought only theoretical.

Belkin Wi-Fi routers at risk from multiple vulnerabilities

Flaws have not been patched and there are no workarounds for many of them, says US CERT.

ICYMI: Tor sniffing, router bugs and Hacking Team fallout

This week's ICYMI column looks at Tor sniffing, old-school router attacks and the fallout from the Hacking Team data breach.

One million routers may have been compromised by redirect attack

Users of SOHO routers are being urged to update their firmware as soon as possible following the discovery of a new exploit that has caused in excess of one million redirects in a week.

Realtek SDK security flaw found in SOHO routers

Several models of home and small office routers, which use an SDK from Realtek, are vulnerable to an exploit which would allow attackers to run arbitrary code without authentication.

Over 700,000 home routers threaten enterprise security

Cisco researcher warns of flaws in devices ISPs give to customers.

Millions of routers and PCs vulnerable to decade-old cookie flaw

A critical software vulnerability that was supposedly patched in 2005 is still affecting at least 200 types of home and small business internet routers, and could also be used by hackers to compromise millions of networked PCs and IoT devices.

ICYMI: Data breach disclosure, European privacy & internet outages

This week's In Case You Missed It looks at data breach response, new concerns on EU privacy and claims that the internet is breaking 'under its own weight'.

NSA plants backdoors in exported routers

High-tech exports from the US are routinely compromised by backdoors inserted by the NSA; UK intellegence agency oversight also criticised.

New malware component changes router's DNS settings remotely

Routers from Cisco, D-Link, Huawei, TP-Link and ZTE have been identified as vulnerable.

24 million reasons to lock down DNS amplification attacks

5.3 million home and office routers worldwide were being used for DNS amplification attacks in February, according to a new study.

Cisco flaws put routers back in the dock

A major flaw in Cisco's routers has been revealed just days after research firm Team Cymru reported it had found over 300,000 other routers infected with malware.

Attack shows routers as the weakest link in enterprise security

Fears that routers are an 'Achilles heel' of enterprise security have been heightened as Team Cymru revealed this week that a cyber attack has hijacked more than 300,000 wireless internet routers worldwide.

Concerns over Asus and Linksys router vulnerabilities

White hat hacker discloses router vulnerabilities that might only be fixed when new firmware versions are deployed.

Remote zero-day hole found in Linksys routers

A zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in popular Cisco Linksys routers that allows hackers to gain remote root access.