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VPNFilter malware far more extensive than first thought

Giant IoT botnet malware targeting routers keeps getting worse, with an ever-expanding list of devices vulnerable to attack.

VPNFilter malware affects even more devices, delivers exploits to endpoints

The VPNFilter malware that was discovered infecting hundreds of thousands of routers and Network Attached Storage devices since at least 2016 apparently even more dangerous than originally reported.

Open ports left over 1,000 SingTel routers vulnerable to cyber-attacks

More than 1,000 owners of Wi-Fi routers were left exposed to potential cyber-attacks after Singapore Telecommunications Limited forgot to secure port 10000 in its Wi-Fi gigabit router devices.

DNS flaw allows hackers to change DNS settings in 800,000 Draytek routers

Network equipment vendor Draytek has said several of its wireless routers are vulnerable to exploits allowing hackers to remotely change the device's DNS and DHCP settings and potentially steal personal data to hijack web traffic.

Sierra Wireless patches router vulnerabilities

Sierra Wireless patched two vulnerabilities in several of its AirLink routers that if exploited could allow the execution of arbitrary code or gain full control of a system.

Millions of fibre broadband routers open to remote control by hackers

Critical vulnerability allows attackers to bypass authentication. Security researchers have found flaws in fibre-optic broadband routers that enable hackers to bypass security and takeover devices.

Cisco patches remote code execution flaws in IOS and IOS XE

Cisco released a series of updates to address vulnerabilities affecting its IOS and IOS XE products one of which could have allowed remote code execution in both products.

TalkTalk customers urged to get routers swapped over hacker fears

ISPs urged to issue customers with new, more secure routers after security patch fails to fix flaw that would enable hackers to steal device credentials.

We could all have been victims of massive Deutsche Telekom botnet

If attackers had succeeded in taking over 900,000 routers in Germany, we wouldn't be thinking of Deutsche Telekom as the victim but the enabler of a massive botnet.

Eir we go again: Irish ISP router flaw allows total takeover

An open port linked to remote management software on Eir's D1000 modem router can allow an attacker to take over consumers' networks.

Poor password and username management leaves many home routers vulnerable

About 15 percent of all home routers are unsecure, according to a study recently released by ESET.

'High risk' for users of FRITZ!Box routers

A number of remote code execution bugs in several models of FRITZ!Box broadband routers could allow intruders to place phone calls through the device.

Benevolent virus treats home routers against cyber-attack

According to Symantec, a virus known as Wifatch has been used to treat more than 10,000 home routers against cyber-attacks.