Royal Saudi Airforce website hit by Iranian pro-Yemen-rebel group

News by SC Staff

Further hacktivist fall-out from Saudi-Arabia and Iran's military intervention in Yemen is reported by HackRead with the latest victim being the Royal Saudi Airforce website.

On Friday a text format message saying “Hacked By Mr.Xpr! Iran Hack Security Team” appeared on the site, demonstrating that the site's security had been breached.

The Iranian hacker was reported as telling the publication explicitly that the Saudi Ariforce website had been targeted due to Saudi Arabia's actions in Yemen, with a warning that unless it desisted, “…we will keep on targeting Saudi defence related sites.”

Hackread also provided the following link to targeted website along with its zone-h mirror as a proof of the hack:

The Royal Saudi Air Force website has subsequently been restored and is available online. 

Iran is supporting the Shia rebels in Yemen and Saudi Arabia supports the Sunni government, making the conflict a proxy war between the two which has spilled over into the cyber-arena, including actions by the ‘Syrian Electronic Army' hackers using very similar phrasing and bragging about achieving access in their attacks on newspapers, including on the Washington Post site earlier this year; in addition there have been previous attacks  on Saudi government targets by pro-Shia groups including a major breach attributed to the Yemen Cyber Army, reported on by SC earlier this year, while Iran in turn has blamed Saudi Arabia for attacks on the Twitter feed of its state TV station.

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