RSA 2017 News, Articles and Updates

RSA 2017: Organisations should go on offence against cyber-criminals

Modern attack methods have placed the capabilities that were once in the hands of nation-states into the hands of small time criminals, says Bryan Fite.

RSA 2017: Researchers create ransomware for industrial control systems

At this week's RSA conference researchers simulated a piece of ransomware taking control of a water treatment plant and poisoning a city's water supply.

RSA 2017: Winners of the 2017 SC Awards in the United States unveiled

The winners of the 2017 SC Awards United States were honoured at a gala dinner in San Francisco on Tuesday night. A full book of the night details all the winners.

RSA 2017: Time for digital Geneva Convention says Microsoft president

The increasing incidence of civilians caught up in cyber conflicts between nation-states means it's time for a new Geneva Convention on cyber-warfare, says Microsoft's Brad Smith.

RSA 2017: The systems, devices, flaws cyber-criminals will hit in 2017

SophosLabs' 2017 Malware Forecast highlights the areas that cyber-criminals will focus on in the coming year including IoT, MacOS, Linux and IoT.

RSA 2017: Cyber Threat Alliance adds members, introduces new president

The newly-formed Cyber Threat Alliance held a press conference at RSA 2017 to announce progress it has made since its inception one month ago.