RSA and Zscaler have announced a partnership to develop a cloud-based solution to help secure access and identities in the cloud.

According to the companies, the solution will integrate RSA's Cloud Trust Authority and Adaptive Authentication with Zscaler's Cloud Security service, and will enable organisations to apply policy and control to identities both in and outside corporate networks.

They also said that it will simplify the challenge of managing user credentials associated with multiple cloud applications and web services by including strong user authentication and dynamic risk assessment based on device identification, user behavioural profiling and vulnerability detection. The integration of the technologies would enable a ubiquitous service for continuous, risk-aware identification of users accessing the internet, according to the vendors.

Art Coviello, executive chairman of RSA, said: “Tight integration between trusted authentication and web security technology delivered as a cloud service will offer much-needed defence to counter increasingly sophisticated threats in mobile and cloud environments.

“RSA provides risk-aware authentication which, when combined with Zscaler's Cloud Security service, will help enable continuous identity assurance and policy enforcement in the cloud.”

Jay Chaudhry, president and CEO of Zscaler, said: “Trust is no longer about simply identifying the user. With more devices accessing more applications and data from more locations, trust must be established and enforced dynamically. Through this development partnership with RSA, Zscaler will enhance security for our customers and the cloud services they depend upon, by continually and dynamically establishing trust.”