RSA Conference in San Francisco is heading into its final two days. Here's a roundup of what SC has been saying on the Security Cats blog.

Coviello's fine words

What is the point of the opening keynotes at RSA? Yesterday, Art Coviello, the CEO of RSA delivered another version of pretty much the same speech that delegates have heard in the last three years. MORE

Is Google Evil?
Ira Winkler is probably one of only two people in infosecurity circles could probably pass for a celebrity. The other is Bruce Schneier. MORE

IBM's Smarter Security

30 minutes in the company of IBM's Brian J Truskowski, General Manager, ISS and Global Technology Services on cloud, smarter security and what kind of business IBM is today. MORE

Deal or no deal
An LA-based security start up called Network Intercept told me yesterday that it had offered a $10,000 dollar prize to the hacker community (all shades of) to anyone that could crack its access management products. The company was taking part inRSA's Innovation Sandbox event held here last night. MORE