An LA-based security start up called Network Intercept told me yesterday that it had offered a $10,000 dollar prize to the hacker community (all shades of) to anyone that could crack its access management products. The company was taking part inRSA's Innovation Sandbox event held here last night.

Now, if you were a hacker what would you do? If you hacked the product would you claim the prize or would you wait? This point was made to me by the CTO of a UK security business also exhibiting here. And it's a very good point.

Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money but surely if you knew how to break the system -- sit on it and wait. Wait until you know who's deployed NetworkIntercept's products (not hard to find out) and then attack them. The financial gain to be made from that would, in all probability, comfortably exceed the prize money.

To date, Network Intercept say that no-one has claimed the prize. Does this mean their product is uncrackable? I wouldn't bet on it.