RSA Conference: Rock star says to expect a new wave of Anonymous
RSA Conference: Rock star says to expect a new wave of Anonymous

Rock star Alec Empire, frontman of controversial band Atari Teenage Riot, warned that Anonymous has only just completed its first chapter, and that a new wave of members would be coming to raise arms.

RSA Conference Europe saw the musician, known for supporting the anarchist movement, claim that another ‘wave' of Anonymous was coming. He said, “I see it like this. I think it's the first wave. It's almost like the first chapter has closed. There's another wave coming from a lot of people outside that circle, like artists, students and activists.”

The German star said that people were joining Anonymous because for example, institutions such as news networks are being widely manipulated, and that they wanted to expose lies.

He said: “I think they see a fake democracy. I've seen it often people asking why they should be voting for Obama or Romney, because they are the same thing.

“We witness Anonymous Twitter accounts during a debate bringing this up. A lot of people believe that certain people are in power which hasn't been earned.”

Empire was invited to RSA Conference Europe to discuss Anonymous with a panel including University of Surrey computing professor Alan Woodward, who was more dismissive of the group. “My issue with hacktivist groups in general is that the internet has given them the ability to have a disproportionate voice, and that brings responsibilities," he said.

“My trouble is, I don't know who's given them the mandate to do this. I'm the first to admit democracy isn't perfect, but this is such an amplification of their voices, thanks to the internet. It's disproportionate.”

Woodward felt that Anonymous distracted people away from real threats, such as criminals and nation states that he felt deserved more attention from the media at large. He said of the group, “Anonymous is like a noisy child. They're the ones who get the most attention.”