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RSA 2016: Industry failing to understand malware life cycle

Anti-malware designers are failing to understand the complexities of malware and are using out of date technology to combat a rapidly evolving threat, says Christopher Elisan, principal malware scientist at RSA.

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RSA: Insider threats – "People are the new perimeter"

Rashmi Knowles, RSA's chief security architect, warns of the looming dangers of the disgruntled, vengeful or merely careless employee.

RSA: Cyber-security industry is "fundamentally broken", says Amit Yoran

RSA president Amit Yoran, speaking at the RSA Middle East conference, set out his tips for shifting the cyber-security industry's mindset toward data protection.

RSA 2014: Time and knowledge key to beating cyber attackers

BH Consulting analyst Brian Honan and Tripwire chief technology officer Dwayne Melancon considered how IT can beat cyber-attackers in a quick-fire presentation at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

RSA 2014: Sharing data key to beating APTs

Collaborative sharing of security data across enterprises, countries and industry sectors in a single big data store will be the future of protecting against advanced persistent threats, RSA delegates were told today.

RSA 2014: The "double-edged sword" of disclosing software vulnerabilities

An interesting discussion at the RSA conference revealed that vendors often face a "double-edged sword" when tasked with disclosing software vulnerabilities.

RSA 2014: In the dock - understanding a data breach trial

If you have broken no law, nor failed to comply with any agreed industry standard, are you liable for the consequential loss incurred by your clients if you suffer a data breach that causes them loss?

RSA 2014: Bruce Schneier champions encryption in 'golden age' of government surveillance

Cryptography expert Bruce Schneier, now CTO of Co3 Systems, continued his criticism of the National Security Agency's surveillance during his well-attended talk at the RSA Conference in San Francisco today.

B-Sides SF: US government a 'threat' to the future of encryption

Christopher Soghoian, of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), concluded his speech at BSides San Francisco with the observation that developers building encryption models need to consider the US government a threat.

Security at scale for the enterprise: Borrowing a page from home security handbooks

The tools that organizations have relied on to protect their networks are antiquated and no longer work.

RSA Conference: Remotium named as most innovative company at Innovation Sandbox

A mobile app security start-up has been named as the winner of the 'Most Innovative Company' at the Innovation Sandbox event at RSA Conference in San Francisco.