RSA has extended the capabilities of its key management suite to enable the need for consistent key policies.


RSA Key Manager (RKM) suite version 2.5 allows the vaulting and management of keys from one central location, while the RSA Professional Services now also offers a Tokenisation Service that enables the use of tokens to mask and protect sensitive data.


RKM 2.5 provides enterprise key management across multiple encryption points in the enterprise including tape/virtual tape, disk, databases, and applications. According to RSA it is now engineered to capture and log more detail on encryption operations and allows a centralised policy-based approach to key management, governing access to keys, sharing of keys, expiration of keys, shredding of keys, and all other aspects of key life cycle management.



Meanwhile, the Data Tokenisation Services for RKM is designed to allow for data masking without changing the underlying format of the data, and provides security without substantial operational changes to the application infrastructure.


Tom Corn, vice president of product marketing at RSA, said: “Customers are continuing to deploy encryption in more places across their infrastructure to address different data security risks.


“A centralised enterprise key management system allows them to adopt an encryption solution that works for them today and can expand to other encryption solutions in the future, without having to change their approach to key management.”