RSA has introduced an identity verification service that is designed to confirm user identities and authenticate transactions in real-time.

A knowledge-based authentication solution, the company claimed that it can be used during automated self-service activities such as credit card activations, account updates and password resets to mitigate fraud on high risk transactions such as funds transfer with customers online, on the phone with a call centre or in-person at point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

RSA Identity Verification is powered by RSA's Intelligent Questioning technology that is designed to logically develop correct and incorrect answers in real-time. The company explained that RSA Identity Verification presents a person with a series of top-of-mind questions utilising relevant facts unique to that individual that are obtained by scanning dozens of public records and commercially available databases. This combination is engineered to greatly reduce the ability for someone other than the genuine individual to provide correct responses.

Sam Curry, chief technologist at RSA, said: “With speed, accuracy and simplicity, our customers can reduce fraud losses, maintain regulatory compliance and deliver exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. It is critical that valid requests pass the authentication process because failure leads to customer dissatisfaction and increased call volumes to the call centre.”