RSA and Lumension work together to enhance DLP solutions

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RSA and Lumension have announced an agreement to help organisations better protect sensitive information and share it in a more secure manner.

RSA and Lumension have announced an agreement to help organisations better protect sensitive information and share it in a more secure manner.

The two companies are planning to work together to provide the market with a more robust and comprehensive data protection solution that will be designed to help provide greater data security with less complexity, reduced total cost of ownership, and less impact to business productivity.

As part of the agreement, Lumension will license the RSA data loss prevention (DLP) suite software development kit, with the goal of building RSA DLP classification technology and expert RSA DLP policy libraries into future versions of its device control product module. The RSA DLP SDK would also be engineered to enable Lumension endpoint security products to work seamlessly with the rest of RSA's DLP offerings for networks and data centers.

The ultimate goal of the resulting integration and collaboration will be to create a common DLP policy from network gateway, to storage to endpoint and onto removable media such as USB devices and recordable CD/DVD ROM. There will also be aim to enable organisations to not only apply policy to file types but to also apply policy to data within file types, and define highly granular polices on permissible activity and data types on the endpoint without impacting productivity.

Christopher Young, senior vice president of products at RSA, said: “Companies continue to struggle to protect sensitive data across the enterprise. RSA is continuing to expand our ecosystem of DLP partners that can help solve this problem, by building security into the infrastructure as opposed to bolting on costly and complex point tools. Our relationship with Lumension, along with our strategic partnership with Microsoft and Cisco are designed to help customers protect sensitive information as it moves within and across organisational boundaries.”

Rich Hlavka, senior vice president of business development for Lumension, said: “Today, businesses need more agility in ensuring their workforce can be as productive as possible. However; agility no longer needs to come with an increased risk of data loss or breach.

“This collaboration with RSA will eventually provide our customers with enhanced data protection capabilities from content aware device control to a complete end-to-end DLP solution that leverages market leading DLP technology from RSA, and superior endpoint management and security solutions from Lumension. We believe this new enhanced solution will be providing superior data loss protection with less TCO while affording maximum business productivity.”


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