RSA provides authentication for small businesses, as demand for remote access increases

News by Dan Raywood

RSA has announced the introduction of enterprise-class authentication for small-to medium-sized organisations.

RSA has announced the introduction of enterprise-class authentication for small-to medium-sized organisations.

Named the RSA Authentication Manager Express, it said that it is specifically optimised for smaller enterprises and offers an alternative to risky reliance on passwords.

Recognising that weak, password-only protection is no match for savvy cyber criminals and is no longer considered an effective method of preventing unauthorised users from accessing company resources, it said that RSA Authentication Manager Express is a risk-based and on-demand authentication system designed to provide up to 2,500 end-users with secure access to data and applications.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Adam Bangle, regional director at RSA, said that smaller businesses have been more dependent on username and password authentication until now and that was no match for multi-factor authentication.

He said: “This product is aimed at those companies, it has strong multi-factor authentication capability which is becoming more important as smartphones connect to the network, it is important to provide stronger authentication.

“Over time we will have a service provision that will offer the same capability as a hosted service, but at the moment this is a small footprint for endpoints and is intended for employees getting access to the network or cloud remotely over a VPN.”

According to RSA, the system employs an intelligent risk engine to provide invisible, behind-the-scenes protection of web-based resources against unauthorised access. Users continue to use their standard username and password but security is stepped up when the risk engine detects abnormal behaviour, requiring users to correctly answer personal challenge questions and/or enter SMS- or email-delivered one-time passcodes before access is granted.


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