RSA has announced the launch of its data protection manager to give customers application data security capabilities.

Combining tokenisation, application encryption and application-based controls with token and key management, RSA said that the Data Protection Manager is designed to make data more secure.

Formerly known as the RSA Key Manager, the company said that it secures data at the point of capture and provides the most granular level of control over sensitive information. It also claimed that by bringing RSA's tokenisation technology together with application encryption into a 'hybrid' approach it will help users to get the best of both worlds, with the performance benefits of encryption and the operational benefits of tokenisation.

Dan Schiappa, senior vice president of products at RSA, said: “Compliance and key management continue to burden our customers. They want to protect all of their sensitive data using a robust protection method like encryption, but also want to limit the impact on compliance and environment changes by using a cost-effective solution like tokenisation. Combining encryption, tokenisation, and key management in the same product provides flexibility and reduces management overhead.”