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c£2,306 for 10 users

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Strengths: Easy to install, the web-based client is simple to use

Weaknesses: Getting the device to recognise the network was a challenge

Verdict: Another product that is well respected in the industry, and for good reasons. The product is solid and does the RSA name proud

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RSA is the most well-known of the two-factor authentication systems available on the market today. The company's product under test here is an appliance-based offering. It was the only appliance we tested for this review.

Surprisingly, the SecurID appliance was easier to install and configure than the software-based options in this test, and the process was also far faster to achieve than for the other products in this review. The only real trouble we had was attaching the device and getting it to recognise the network.

The appliance is configured and administrated through a web-based interface, which provided the most functionality out of all the reviewed products. This is a well laid-out interface that required no special knowledge in order to use or to manage.

The product also enabled a handy logon feature that allows for two-factor authentication on the desktop.

The only hang-up we found with the installation of the SecurID appliance was the licence CDs that replaced the floppy disks.

The primary configuration is performed through the aforementioned web interface and the front panel was basically a read-only device status indicator.

The device would integrate into most environments more easily if the front panel were able to assign the IP address and subnet mask for the device.

The documentation provided came in the form of PDF files. These were easy to follow and the layout is logical and useful. The documentation is indexed and searchable, at least in the documents we looked at, which, not surprisingly, made for an easier time of finding the requisite information to set up the product.

RSA offers two levels of technical support for this product: SecureCare and SecureCare Extended. However, details of the support packages were not available at time of writing.

Pricing for the SecurID offering was at the high end of the spectrum, starting at c£2,306 for ten users. However, RSA scales its pricing for different user populations, from 10 to more than 250 per appliance. This made the appliance one of the few offerings that provided enterprise-level features at a reasonable cost to small, medium and large enterprises.

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