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RSA: RSA President stresses positive thinking, teamwork and diversity

The 27th annual RSA Conference officially kicked off this morning with RSA President Rohit Ghai welcoming attendees and trying to set a positive mood for the show.

RSA: Major tech companies band together to fight cyber-attacks

Possibly the second most ambitious crossover in history after Infinity War. Thirty eight companies have signed an accord to develop long-term, wide-reaching cyber-security akin to a "Digital Geneva Convention."

Why is crypto so slow? What factors are behind such cautious development?

Tech moves fast, but cryptography - the field which holds it all up - runs at a decidedly slower pace, marking its breakthroughs in years, not quarters. With something so inherently important, why would it be so slow to evolve?

Researchers open sliding window to completely break libgcrypt RSA-1024

Researchers from five universities have published a paper demonstrating full key recovery for libgcrypt's implementation of RSA-1024.

RSA EMEA Summit: Writing a security strategy that will make Vivaldi proud

Richard Nichols, RSA's head of EMEA strategy compared playing the violin to conducting an effective security strategy, to encourage businesses to harmonise security strategy and promote greater visibility of threats on the business.

WhiteHat reports The FREAKS are out

Whitehat's top 10 web hacking techniques of 2015 have been released and the freaks have topped the list.

Diffie and Hellman named winners of the ACM AM Turing Award

The RSA cryptographers' panel was the occasion Tuesday for the announcement of the winners of the annual ACM AM Turing Award.

RSA 2016: Plea for more effective anti-phishing protection

Email services are failing their customers when it comes to anti-phishing protection, according to Mario Vuksan, one of the presenters at RSA 2016 in San Francisco.

RSA 2016: NSA director calls for more public-private partnerships

NSA director and commander of US Cyber Command Adm Michael Rogers called on RSA attendees to work towards strengthening public-private partnerships.

RSA: Securing Smart Cities - no turning back

Industry giant, Dr Taher Elgamal spoke at RSA's conference on his idle thoughts of the future of smart cities

RSA: Is the internet of things the new BYOD?

Greg Day of Palo Alto Networks made the case for learning from the problems of BYOD and applying them to IoT in his presentation to RSA Abu Dhabi today.

RSA: Cyber-security industry is "fundamentally broken", says Amit Yoran

RSA president Amit Yoran, speaking at the RSA Middle East conference, set out his tips for shifting the cyber-security industry's mindset toward data protection.

ChewBacca malware hits retailers in 11 countries

A new point of sale-based Trojan called ChewBacca has been used to steal payment card and personal customer data from dozens of retailers across 11 countries, according to RSA.

FireEye buys Mandiant for US$ 1 billion to counter growing cyber threat

FireEye taps its IPO cash pile to acquire data forensics specialist.

RSA Conference: RSA launches additions to Security Analytics and managed service model

RSA has announced the launch of new software and services to defend and mitigate against attacks.