Russia behind German government cyber-attack

News by Danielle Correa

Russians chief suspects in German cyber-attack

According to respected German daily, Der Spiegel, Russia is the primary suspect in a recent cyber-attack on the Bundestag.

German government officials refuse to point fingers, however sources close to the Bundestag's tech department have advised El Reg that all evidence points to a state-sponsored attack. 

The entire Bundestag network was infiltrated by Trojan malware including data from lawmakers' computers—all thought to be defenseless.  It is a strong possibility that this malware could have been sitting on computers for months, even years.  The attack is said to be cultivated and not likely the work of amateurs. 

Der Spiegel mentioned that the techies were finally equipped to figure out the source code and they suspect Russia being behind the attack.  Apparently, the malware firmly resembles what was used in a prior 2014 attack on a German data network. 

The Bundestag network is operating painfully slow.  The staff have been reassured that “countermeasures have been taken”, but there is no implication as to when normal service will resume.  Whispers have sprouted regarding the possibility of closing for the summer recess a month early since the problem is so serious.

Back in January, the Bundestag and German Chancellery were disabled for several hours due to a cyber-attack.  During this time, a pro-Russian hacker group in the Ukraine claimed that they were the ones to blame.  No such declarations have been made this time. 

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