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US sanctions Russian firms, citizens for NotPetya & other cyber-attacks

Just a few days after Trump requested Russia be included into the G7, the US Treasury Department issued sanctions against five Russian companies & three citizens for providing material & technical support to the Russian Federation.

Non-Russian hackers target Russian electronic goods service centres

Security researcher have discovered a series of attacks targeted at service centres in Russia. Multi-staged attacks used 17-year-old vulnerability and a RAT

Infosec 2018: Corporates misuse data, but look East for a bigger concern

Martha Lane Fox: GDPR is shaping a new way of looking personal user data, including in the US, but for concerns about a dystopian future we should focus on the east, and we should look to Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Russian experts also concerned at increasing cyber-attacks on cryptocurrencies

The number of cyber-attacks on cryptocurrencies have significantly increased both in Russia and Western markets in recent years following the global upsurge in their use.

TeleGrab information stealer swipes Telegram cache and key files

Researchers detected a new malware that steals not only browser credentials, browser cookies and text files, but also cache and key files from the desktop version of end-to-end encrypted instant messaging service Telegram.

Putin invested £bns in trolls to create propagate chaos: Ex-US ambassador

Russian President Vladmir Putin's interference in democracies, most notably during the US presidential election, is meant to spark chaos abroad even as he seeks stability at home says former US Ambassador to Russia.

Fancy Bear likely behind malware found on Lojack C2 domains

Russia's Fancy Bear APT group, notable for its alleged assault on the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is likely behind the malicious command and control (C2) domains found in Lojack agents.

Iranians take to the streets to protest Telegram ban

Iran on Monday followed Russia's example by banning the popular messaging app Telegram citing the app's impact on national security and to help quell the protests that have recently swept through that nation.

Russian government strengthening national cyber-security prior to World Cup

The Russian government, together with the national special services, is continuing strengthening the country's cyber-security prior to the World Cup football tournament being held in the country this summer.

CNI needs shoring up after US, UK blame Russia for attacks

The US is prepared to take aggressive action against Russia for a recent, extended campaign of cyber-attacks on infrastructure assets around the world by compromising devices such as routers and firewalls.

In harm's way: Assessing Russia's cyber-arsenal

As the threat from Putin's Russia escalates, the West is bracing itself for further cyber-attacks and disinformation campaigns. How sophisticated are its cyber-offensive capabilities and how might they be used?

GCHQ head discloses offensive cyber campaign against ISIS, lambastes Russia

GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming acknowledged that the agency recently coordinated a major cyber-offensive operation against ISIS, significantly crippling the terrorist group's ability to recruit and coordinate attacks online.

Russia takes Telegram to court over refusal to release encryption keys

The Russian government retaliated against Telegram messaging app by filing a lawsuit to stop or limit access to the app in that country after the company refused a request by the government to turn over its encryption keys to the FSB.

Top Trump campaign officials urged Papadopoulos to meet with Russians

A senior Trump campaign advisor allegedly encouraged former foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, who's already pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents, to meet with members of a Russian news agency.

Russians hack European agency with updated DealersChoice malware

Russian APT group Sofacy targets European government agency, attempting to infect the organisation with unknown malware using a crafty new variant of its Adobe Flash-based exploit platform DealersChoice.

Trump admin imposes sanctions on Russia for election interference, NotPetya

A day after PM Teresa May tossed Russian diplomats out of the country following a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in a British town, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and organisations.

US DHS, FBI name Russia in DragonFly 2.0 attacks on critical infrastructure

"This type of attack (ie cyber-attacks by Russia on Western critical infrastructure) isn't anything new, and the real story here is that the US is choosing to acknowledge it (and in extreme detail),"

Cyber-attacks against Russia may follow attempted nerve agent killing in UK

Offensive cyber-attacks against Russia are reported to be among options under consideration by the UK if it is dissatisfied with Russia's explanation by midnight today of the use in this country of Russian nerve agent Novichok.

Mueller team questions Trump's knowledge of hacked DNC emails

US investigators in the Russian probe led by Robert Mueller have been asking witnesses if US President Trump knew emails were stolen from Democrat entities by Russians and were going to be leaked by WikiLeaks prior to their publication.

NSA chief hasn't been give the authority to battle Russian interference

US National Security Agency Director Adm Mike Rogers, US Cyber Command commander, told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that President Trump hasn't directed him to combat Russian cyber-attacks.

US Senator says Facebook should clean up bots or face fines

Concerning the US FBI's investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 US election, Senator Amy Klobuchar said social media companies should be fined if they can't get rid of bots on their platforms.

UK government publicly blames Russia for NotPetya attacks

The UK government publicly accused Russia of carrying out the June 2017 NotPetya ransomware attacks in June 2017 as part of a deliberate attack on the Ukraine state.

Cyber a top priority, Russia will flex muscle in 2018 midterms

Russia has continued its assault on the underpinnings of US democracy, sowing discord among the electorate in some instances by marshaling bots to mount disinformation campaigns.

Russian actors mentioned as possibly launching Olympics cyber-attack

Naming the culprit behind the cyber-attack that hit the 2018 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony will never be nailed down 100 percent, but industry executives have gathered some evidence pointing toward a Russian group.

DHS Manfra: Russians successfully penetrate some US state election systems

Russian hackers successfully penetrated voter registration rolls in a number of US states, US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cyber-security chief Jeanette Manfra said Wednesday.

US Congressional Committee threaten DHS with subpoena over Kaspersky docs

US Republican senator Lamar Smith threatened to subpoena the US Department of Homeland Security for documents related to the US federal government's purge of products made by the Russian software firm.

Russian dark web ad for new GandCrab ransomware-as-a-service discovered

Researchers investigating the newly discovered GandCrab ransomware have learned how its authors are marketing the malicious program as a ransomware-as-a-service package to potential buyers on the dark web.

Scarabey ransomware introduces new tactics, distribution

The malicious actors behind Scarab ransomware have rolled out a new variant, one that uses a different distribution method and ransom threat in order to infect computers and ensure payment.

Global tech firms let Russian defence agency peek at source code for flaws

A handful of tech companies have given a Russian defence agency the opportunity to sort the source code of their software, to uncover vulnerabilities that the Russians say could be exploited by bad actors.