Russian government to promote development of domestic IT security solutions

News by Eugene Gerden

Leading Russian vendors have called on the national Ministry of Communications to provide state support for the development of new IT security solutions.

It is planned that this state support will be provided as part of the existing software import substitution programme which was approved by the Russian government in April.

Under the terms of the programme, domestic products will be designed for 14 segments of the Russian software market, including the IT security segment.

According to vendors, the amount of state support should reach at least a billion rubles (£12 million) for each company.

The Russian government is paying particular attention to the development of IT security solutions, which are used in the Russian defence industry, and seen as especially important due to a recent decision by some Western vendors to suspend further supplies of their products to Russia and to suspend technical servicing.

Nikolay Nikiforov, Russia's Minister of Communications, told that in the case of IT security solutions, currently imported software in the segment has an estimated at 95 percent share of the market, however, the state plans are that this share should fall to 50 percent by 2025.

Nikiforov added that the design of domestic IT security solutions will be accelerated due to a recent decision by some foreign software suppliers to disclose the source code for their products. According to Nikiforov, among these suppliers are such well-known companies as SAP, Oracle, Cisco, Apple and others.

Alexei Smirnov, CEO of Alt Linux, one of Russia's leading designers of IT security solutions, told that many Russian vendors plan to join forces in the development of new competitive products that can replace software that is currently imported. At the same time, he says that the amount of state funding of such activities should be at least £12 million for each company.

According to Smirnov, to date, Alt Linux together with local ROSA company, one of Russia's leading designers of system software, has submitted an application to the Russian government for the design of a new Russian server operating system, that will have improved security features and which will be less vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

It is planned that over the next several years applications will be submitted by other leading Russian vendors, and in particular the department of computer sciences of the Moscow State University,  PSI RAS, Rosatom, 1C, Diasoft and some others.

A spokesman  of Nikolay Nikiforov told that the first applications will be considered by the national government by the middle of July and he says that it is highly probable that the demand by domestic vendors will be meet in full.

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